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Topographical Survey

This is a plan drawing of your land identifying all features, levels and trees. This is required for planning permits in regards to extensions and new build or for landscape design.

Laser Surveyor’s experienced team of surveyors providing highly detailed surveys using the very latest survey equipment

We carry out our Topographical surveys using the latest  (Real-time GPS) to deliver to our clients a cost effective, highly accurate detailed survey. We have worked on thousands of land surveys over the years from simple Land boundary surveys to highly detailed surveys.

Our survey specifications are tailored to each clients needs, whether for local Planning Authorities, Architectural or Design Offices.

Site and topographic surveys form the foundation of almost every planning application or development and are always the very first service to be commissioned.
The topographic survey captures and records the topography of the ground surface together with both natural and man-made features within the built environment.

This is intended to provide the accurate extents and location of a site, site buildings as well as a good understanding of the levels, physical features, boundaries and drainage in the immediate adjacent area. These plans often form the backdrop to many other services such as boundary determination, engineering works, drainage analysis and utility mapping.

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